Big Sistr Q&A with Sarah Porter

From fitness trainer to CEO of a global network in emerging technology we sat down with Sarah Porter to ask her our 10 burning questions. Take a read below 👇

Paragraph on who you are and what you do

Founder and CEO of InspiredMinds a global network in emerging technology working on the United Nations global goals. Ambassador Royal Marsden Hospital, Founder of the worlds largest AI tech summits in Medicine, Co-founder of the first #steam school in Afghanistan.

What was your first job?

Fitness trainer for premiership football clubs

Do you have a daily ritual that keeps you sane?

Being a chaotic person who thrives on uncertainty means I need to anchor myself with a routine to retain sanity. Meditation, positive affirmations, nature and fresh air (I live on a rural farm) and reading non-work related stuff like fiction.

What’s been your biggest career screw up/mistake?

Not keynoting at UNESCO due to fear

What advice would you give your 20yr old younger self?

Your greatest power is the ability to choose how to react to any situation, use that power mindfully and when required, ruthlessly.

What’s the worst & best advice you’ve ever received?

Worst: “ well done for modifying your behaviour to fit in”
Best: “Bold moves make even the smallest action dangerous”

Number 1 tip for nailing an interview?

Prepare well, know your interviewer, know what key messages YOU want to deliver and learn a few key statements or quotes off by heart, speak in your own language — in other words, be real, be you.

Have you ever had a mentor? If so what was the best thing you’ve learnt from them?

Yes. “people will always remember how you made them feel”.

What keeps you awake at night and what’s your top coping method?

We work in emerging tech — Artificial Intelligence and there are big, daily existential risk type questions to keep you awake. We focus on the Now and focus on impact and progress daily rather than big lofty long term goals.

Any inspirational books/podcasts/blogs/people you’re loving at the moment?

The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene — always been big Robert Greene fan and this new book is no exception, Amanda Palmer (former Dresden Dolls) @amandapalmer lives the feisty female and is a daily inspiration, @youmeandthebigC inspire me for the work we do in AI and Cancer. Anja kaspersen @anjakasp is a UN #shero working in the tough game of lethal autonomous warfare, she is one to watch and a true inspiration to any woman breaking glass ceilings and the gender bias associated with society expectation of a ‘mans role’.