Delving into the Myths of Becoming an Entrepreneur

The Life of an entrepreneur can look glamorous from the outside. The potential gains that come with it can be hugely rewarding. The journey there? Brutal, frustrating, lonely, and for the most part, calls for a gladiatorial attitude. And yet you’re reading this because it’s something you’re considering? Consider it and run with it because it’s something you CAN do. 

As an entrepreneur, you’ll gain satisfaction from the wins along the way. But you’ll never be able to dwell on the win for long. The journey is a continuous one with constant hurdles, fires to put out, and stones unturned. And throughout the journey, you must remain true to your purpose, loyal to your customers with an unwavering resilience along the way. 

Doubting your ability to start the journey? Don’t. 

Entrepreneurs have had to wake up and shift fast in some cases as the ongoing pandemic grips our economy. You’ll find the internet swamped with self-help books, stories of ‘The Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur’, tips on work ethics, personality types, habits, all as if there is a single most effective way to become or function as an entrepreneur. Helpful but misleading.

The single trait that binds entrepreneurs together is their sense of purpose. Other than that? Nothing.

Every entrepreneur is different. You are different.  

Entrepreneurs cover such an incredibly wide variety both in terms of personalities, vocations, goals, backgrounds, management. If you’re reading a book, studying an entrepreneur, and thinking they fit a certain ideal or mode then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Yes, gather the inspirations and tips that jump out but, don’t set your mind on ‘emulating’ a specific idea. You are you. 

But it’s my own company, I want to be in control of everything.

You don’t want to delegate? Sure you can have a one-man-band and, a very successful one at that. But, you want your vision to grow, be heard, and fly, so let others fly with you. Delegation is crucial. If you cannot trust people around you then stay a one-man-band. Learn how to delegate on the other hand and you’ll soon realise that the more you delegate, the more successful you will be. 

One of the overriding pieces of advice ever given was by one of our inspiring sistr entrepreneurs, Lara Morgan. Lara explained that companies shouldn’t look like pyramids with a terrifying, unapproachable CEO at the top. You need to flip the pyramid upside down. You then have the Founder/CEO at the bottom, reliant on a loyal workforce who’ve been entrusted with a vision. Without your worker bees, you cannot fly. 

I don’t think I’m smart enough to become an entrepreneur.

A huge misconception. You do not need to be academically excellent. Of course, it helps and you need to have a little bit of skill at something but, what sets entrepreneurs apart is their drive. Intellectual prowess is nothing without drive, grit, a hunger to succeed, a determination to impact, a stealthy ambition to conquer. Don’t be put off into thinking you need straight A’s to travel down the route of entrepreneurship.

You need to fake it to make it.

A phrase that makes some cringe but so very relevant to an entrepreneur’s mission. Dress the part, act the part, fluff over the missing parts, fight the fear. Remain true to your purpose and step outside of your comfort zone. 

You are controlling your own destiny.

When you step into the life of an entrepreneur, your destiny is under your control . Absolutely petrifying. Only you control your next paycheque. Some may see this as a risk, it’s not for everyone. There is nothing wrong with being a cog in the wheel. But consider this, you are betting on you, the one person you know best. Look at ‘you’ as the best investment you’ve ever made.

It’s not going to be easy.

Entrepreneurship isn’t instant cash.

Yes, hopefully, it will be in years to come but in the meantime, knuckle down, take the highs and the lows and listen. Listen to anyone prepared to give you advice. Your greatest strength in this whole journey will be acknowledging your greatest weakness. 


If you’re struggling for direction, need a motivational pep talk, advice, tips or, something we’ve all done recently, a good old sob over a cuppa, then sistr is here. Lots of sistrs are here to listen, steer, advise, motivate. Just reach out.