Sistr Q&A – Diane Griffin, Property.

Sistr talks Bricks and Mortar with Diane Griffin, Operating Principal Keller Williams UK and CEO of Griffin Properties. 

A slightly different direction this week as we head to the property market. Diane’s words of wisdom and inspirational tips were incredible. So we sum up some of Diane’s advice and tools to go out and conquer the world…


Bet on Yourself…


Just by my nature I’m a risk taker, I saw the opportunity for change and to make a leap into something that could change the trajectory of my life. I had to bet on myself. If I believe in something I do it. If you’re committed to something in your heart you’ll do anything to make it work come hell or high water. There’s where my mind set was at the time. It was non negotiable, I was going to make this work…so go out and make it work.


Find your Motivation…


What’s your big ‘why’? Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to do that? I was doing what my big ‘why’ was…which at the time was to feed my kids. When you don’t have a buffer you run with it. Every single decision I was making was based around feeding my kids. If the answer was yes this will feed my kids, I ran at it. If the answer was no, I ran away. 


Self Discover…

I help people self discover what’s important to them – what are their real motivators. Commit to self mastery…you’re only going to do what you’re committed to. If I say to you, pursue this and it’s not what you want in your gut you won’t do it. So ask enough questions so as to find what’s important. You know if you’ve hit that spot when you ask someone – if you didn’t achieve this how would you feel about yourself. You can tell from demeanour how committed people are. 


Don’t Limit Beliefs

As an industry we were tellinging stories that weren’t necessarily true – that ‘no one will sell a house without the buyer having been in it’. We’ve proved this wrong over the last 3 months – Real Estate can now be changed forever and we’ll be far more effective and efficient through online viewings, videos and how we communicate. We were limiting our clients’ visions – we needed to open our minds up so that they can follow and believe in us. If you sell a message effectively people will embrace your message. 


Build, Move On

I’m a builder, I see an opportunity, figure out how to make it work, build it and then hand it over. I don’t like to micro manage, I find the right partner, hand over and then I  like to find something else to build. 


Don’t Wait to Make Changes

There have been several times in my career where I’ve partnered with the wrong fit. My biggest mistake was waiting too long to make changes. Even when I know it needs to happen I wait too long and it’s costly. 


Recovery is Easier Than Regret

Live life to its fullest…really go for it…even if it doesn’t work, there’s time to recover. Recovery is easier than regret. Surround yourself with people with knowledge, ask all the questions and then do it!