LinkedIn – A Platform for Introverts?

Have you ever been labelled one or the other? Labelled someone else one or the other because of a trait they’ve displayed? It’s very easy to mistakenly put someone in a box and classify introverts and extroverts as 2 extreme opposites.

Introverts account for 25-40% of the population and yet the truth is, there are so many misconceptions about this personality type.

Introverts aren’t typically classed as a ‘strong’ personality trait. Let’s try and unravel some of the myths and shed some light on the supposed ‘shrinking violets’ of the workplace. 


  • Being an introvert does not mean you’re socially anxious or shy.
  • Introverts don’t like socialising. They absolutely do. But it can be exhausting. Introverts expend energy in social situations. Extroverts gain energy from social interactions. Whilst an extrovert likes to expand their circle and meet new people, an introvert is happier socialising with close friends.
  • Introverts want to be alone all the time. They absolutely don’t. Introverts can be quite happy socialising but will happily retreat to a quiet place to reflect and recharge.
  • Introverts have few friends. Possibly true but the ones they do have are solid. An introvert’s social circle may be small but relationships are long-lasting and significant.
  • An introvert is quiet and tricky to get to know. A common misconception is that introverts are shy. Some certainly are, however, introverts may simply prefer to stand back, observe, and take their time letting people in. If you are let in, consider yourself part of that person’s inner circle.
  • Stimulation – who responds better to stimulation? Hectic environments can overwhelm introverts which can lead to feeling unfocused. Extroverts thrive in environments where there are lots of things going on and there’s less chance of getting bored.
  • Inward vs outward. Introverts tend to spend a great deal of time self-reflecting. Self-understanding is important and examining internal experiences. Extroverts are more comfortable with external validation, reaching out to their much wider circle for reassurance.
  • Watch or Jump in? Extroverts are far more comfortable jumping in and learning through hands-on experience. Trial and error play a big part. An introvert typically will learn by watching, allowing someone else to carry out something, and only doing it themselves when they feel comfortable or have practiced enough privately to feel confident in their own abilities.


One of our sistrs Jennifer Corcoran recently ran a fascinating webinar on LinkedIn for Introverts. Here’s a few tips for guidance on how to get the best out of your LinkedIn profile. 

  • Ask yourself why you’re on LinkedIn and who is your target audience? This will help you get the most out of LinkedIn 
  • There is only 1 of you so don’t compare yourself to anyone else on LinkedIn! Use it in a way that is authentic to you and your goals. 
  • Pay Particular attention to your profile, cover photo, headshot and headline in order to attract people to read on. 
  • Profile – Fully optimise your profile with keywords and branding. 
  • Participate – Adopt an active approach, social networking is two-way. 
  • Participate on the home feed, LinkedIn messenger or LinkedIn groups or a combination. 
  • Be social, be consistent and cultivate a community focused approach versus. WIIFM (What’s in it for me). 


The more you give to your LinkedIn network, the more the law of reciprocity will kick in! Jennifer runs a hugely intuitive LinkedIn training and mentoring platform, My Super Connector. Reach out to Jennifer through her sistr profile and shine a light on yourself online!