Sistr Q&A with Kirstie Sherriff

In today’s blog we’re speaking to badass entrepreneur Kirstie Sherriff on how she’s got to where she is today.

We also wanted to take this time to spotlight her amazing Indiegogo campaign. Proverb have created the world’s kindest deodorant. It’s 100% natural, refillable and they’re giving 100% of its profits back to Water Aid! To find out more and to get involved in the raise, head here.

Anyway, back to the woman that is… Kirstie Sherriff.

Paragraph on who you are and what you do

I am the founder of Pinks Boutique Organic Skincare and Co-founder or Proverb, a skincare line for men based in elite sports nutrition. Along with my husband Luke, we run both brands and a spa decor line of pedicure bowls, sarongs, trays, all the finishing touches for spas. My original business was beauty schools, I developed and sold a beauty, nail and massage school brand which trained over 1,500 students a year in my early 20s. I am 3rd generation beauty, both my parents and grandparents were hair and beauty wholesales, essentially a Bookers cash and carry for hair and beauty.

Pinks Boutique was one of the early Soil Association organic brands and is only sold in spas. I have been responsible for developing treatment protocols and training therapists to have an elite 5* spa touch in many spas including Āman Global Resorts, Radisson Edwardian Blu, the Scarlet. and John Lewis’s first concept spa chain &Beauty. I have a true passion and knowledge about green, clean formulations, skin function, results and my true skill set lies in training and helping the masses understand what is really going into skincare bottles. As a small business, I am involved in nearly every function of both brands on a day to day basis.

I am an organic mummy of 2 to Layla (9) and Charlie (4) in my spare time! I live in an incredibly sporty household despite not doing enough myself and given any chance will get on an aeroplane and head for Asia.

What was your first job?

Never really had one… I got a position on the British Airways Graduate scheme straight out of Uni, spurred on by being told that the most expensive flight I was ever going to have to pay for was a return to Sydney for £120. The scheme was cancelled with 10 days notice due to September 11th. I had a flat in London, a row of suits and nowhere to go. I travelled, reapplied on the milk round and was offered 2 positions. Aldi graduate scheme, £35k starting and an Audi A4 or Junior Selfridges Beauty Buyer in Central London on £15k. I took the cash route and lasted 3 weeks before I realised my outlook on life was in no way aligned with a very successful but conservative German approach. Sliding doors moment.. ironic that I now try and pitch my skincare brands to the junior Selfridges buyer who is now the Head! I decided being employed was not for me and retrained as Oxford University’s first acrylic nail technician.

Do you have a daily ritual that keeps you sane?

I sleep well, which is often not true of many business owners so this helps. 18 months ago I started a list of affirmations that I look at in the morning (or should do). Key sentences about what is really important, how I can cope with anything as long as my 2 children and Luke are safe, how I want them to see me act, what my overall work aims and dreams are. I can see a huge difference when I read it in the morning and when I don’t.

What’s been your biggest career screw up/mistake

Owning a business is a roller coaster there is mistake/ learning after learning so there isn’t a stand out one. Possibly not committing to networking early enough.

What advice would you give your 20yr old younger self?

Wear sunscreen every day, even when it rains. Suddenly when you are 37 you will get pigmentation marks on your face and they will be from your teens and twenties.

What’s the worst & best advice you’ve ever received?

Class will tell. Worst advice. I think this is true for the very, very long term but in the short and mid term to get real success you need hard work, continual networking and unfortunately some good luck.

Your only truly unique feature is you- nobody can copy it.

Number 1 tip for nailing an interview?

Research the person you are meeting, research the business and subtly make it clear you know shit about what they do.

If there is any group work, group assessments as part of the process always be the timekeeper, the one who reminds the group of the time constraints. Always be the one who goes around the group and gets each individual to state their vote/ decision on the project before it gets included.

Have you ever had a mentor? If so what was the best thing you’ve learnt from them?

No, looking for one. Eyeing up Jo Malone 🙂

What keeps you awake at night and what’s your top coping method?

I land in my bed in a coma most nights so doesn’t tend to be an issue. If I really can’t sleep I use my hypnobirthing breathing techniques counting in for 4 and out for 4. I recently have been listening to Calm in bed too.

Any inspirational books/podcasts/blogs/people you’re loving at the moment?

Gary Vannerchuk. He is a bit marmite but his brutal messaging about hard work, patience for the macro while going fast in the short term and at the core being kind are not to be ignored. His prolific volume of social content and thoughts on how social should be dealt with — i.e it is everything in 2019 and you should spend no time or money anywhere else in your marketing budget should be taken notice of. You can find him on every social platform you can think of.