Sistr Q&A with Laura Elliott

In today’s Sistr Q&A we’re talking to the amazing Laura Elliott and how she went from an office job to DJ.

Paragraph on who you are and what you do

My name is Laura Elliott, besides being a mum of 2 I’ve been a DJing for the last 23 years..
I starting producing music about 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back.

What was your first job?

Well this is embarrassing, my first ever paid job was being a clown for kids parties.

Do you have a daily ritual that keeps you sane?

I guess the only thing is getting to the gym daily and finding the time to be inspired by new music out there, of course before the kids get home, then all hell breaks lose

What’s been your biggest career screw up/mistake?

I think my biggest mistake was not giving up my office job sooner than I did to be a dj, I didn’t think I’d be able to make a career out of it..
So wrong!!!

What advice would you give your 20yr old younger self?

Say yes to everything!!! Well as much as you can anyway, most of your chances in life and generated by the people you meet along the way! And of course hard work, life truly is so much shorter than you think, get out there an live it!! Say yes

What’s the worst & best advice you’ve ever received?

Worst advice, being bullied into believing false information about people!!
Best advice, always make your own judgement based on facts!!

Number 1 tip for nailing an interview?

Shot of tequila? Kidding!! Be yourself and do your research!

Have you ever had a mentor? If so what was the best thing you’ve learnt from them?

My mentors have been people they didn’t know had an effect on me, and now in life I find working mums incredible, I’ve learnt so much from fellow working mums!!

What keeps you awake at night and what’s your top coping method?

I guess nowadays it’s been about trying to keep my identity,
Lately I’ve battled with the idea that I can’t do it all, and all I can do to cope with that, is to accept it’s all about the balance. It’s ok not to be able to do it all, no one can be perfect in every single corner of life!

Any inspirational books/podcasts/blogs/people you’re loving at the moment?

Lately I’ve been following and listening to podcasts by @bossbabe. But my go to inspiration I’ve found in my friend @womonetwork and @thesisterhoodgroup