The Power of an Hour

You’ll be amazed how much you can gain from one hour of face to face conversation.

Sistr was created to help aspiring business owners, like yourself, reach out to and meet with experienced entrepreneurs who are willing to sit down and give you one hour of their time.

Here’s Karen’s insight into how the Power of an Hour has benefitted her fledgling online business:

Karen Pope
Q. What did you aim to get from your meeting with a Sistr?

A. I have run a fashion and lifestyle blog for several years, with great succcess on social media and through the blog itself, however I wanted to branch out and open my own store and start selling products on my blog and didn’t really know where to start.

Q. How did you approach finding the right Sistr for you?

A. Thanks to the keyword search on the Sistr site I was able to quickly narrow down several Sistrs who had expertise in the areas that were most beneficial to me. I started by searching exclusively for Sistrs with experience in E-Commerce, but once I doscovered Sistrs could have multiple specialties I managed to narrow it down even further to an ideal Sistr to have a meeting with.

Once I had done that, it was a simple case of applying to meet, send her as much info about my business as possible and she replied quickly with a date and time for an hours chat over a coffee!

Q. How did you hour with a Sistr help you achieve this goal?

A. I was fortunate enough to find a Sistr who had experience in E-Commerce so was able to pick her brain about the best way to get started with selling my own branded products. We discussed everything from sourcing the products, printing, and various distribution options, including drop-shipping which I wasn’t familiar with before.

After the meeting I went away with a greater knowledge of what was in store for me, what problems I could encounter, and probably most importantly a roadmap of how I could achieve my aims. It’s been incredible how far I have come from just one hour’s conversation and im making regular sales on my site already!