Visibility Hacks – Tips to Boost Your Social

Digital marketing seems to be the new buzz phrase. It’s the bandwagon that everyone wants to jump on. The apple that everyone wants a bite of. And yet it’s so misunderstood! So how do you boost your presence, your engagement, and your value on Social Media?


The more I post each day on social media the more people will stop and engage with my post. 


If I post the same graphics and content on every social platform that will surely do the job? 


I’m going to target all social demographics as that will give me a wider reach regardless of who I want my consumer to be.


Can you relate to any of those statements?  


The world has gone digital, whether it stays as digital as it is is debatable but it sure as heck is looking that way at the moment. So, if you’ve read those statements and gone ‘yep that’s me’ then let’s try and unravel some misconceptions, some jargon and some simple ‘how to’s’ in getting noticed in the world of digital marketing. 


Digital Marketing – what is it and how do you venture into its world?


What is digital marketing?


The component of marketing that utilises internet and online based digital technologies such as a desktop computer, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. – Wikipedia 


Nicole Yershon stresses the importance of understanding that digital marketing is merely a buzz phrase. ‘Digital’ covers such a broad field and could be seen as a fairly irrelevant term (apologies to anyone who is a digital marketer!) as effectively everything has a digital component to it. All systems, be it email, social media, search platforms and, others, collect or distribute data. 


‘Marketing’ is by far the most important word within the phrase. Marketing for a brand, product, business or individual is critical. Imagine you as a person cannot be 100% ‘present’ and visible all the time. When you’re not there, your marketing needs to promote what it is you need promoting. 


How do you get started with digital marketing?


Firstly know who YOU are. What is your tone of voice? How do you want to appear and be perceived? You can never make a first impression twice so be consistent.


Create a ‘thumb stop’. Social media is an intimate social relationship building platform so you want your marketing to break the social ‘boring’ – of which there is plenty around at the moment. The majority of us using social media are ‘thumb surfing’. Aimlessly scrolling through different platforms merely surfing. Katy Howell stresses the importance of creating that ‘thumb STOP’. Find ways to attract attention. Making someone ‘stop’ on your post is what creates value impact and that impact has business value. 


Find the platforms that work for you. They won’t all be right and you don’t need to use all of them. It’s easy to think that you MUST use all platforms and to pop the same content out across all mediums. Start small and grow. Pick one platform, give it a try, test it, reflect on it, consider and contemplate whether it’s working. Within 24 hours you’ll know what you need to turn off, what creatives don’t work and what is attracting attention. Start small and experiment then build on it week by week. 


Know your audience. What does your audience want? How does your audience behave? Who is your audience? Measure and plan the whole way through a customer journey. Ignore the social metrics as more often than not, engagement and followers is irrelevant. Most platforms will strangle your reach and squeeze posts down to hitting approximately 10% of your followers anyway. So the stress is on creating less content which is of better quality and engaging with the targeted audience you have.  


Create customer personas. Divide your audience into key personas and understand the motivation to purchase by each persona group. Katy Howell stresses that if you think you can build your business on organic social, then think again. Organic is simply the art of throwing posts out there. They may look pretty but are you actually reaching anyone? The real value in social media is being relevant. Be relevant to your persona groups. 


What can Social do for you and how do you use it effectively?


Content is key! Don’t underestimate the impact of good writing. Write, write again, and then write some more. Run it past colleagues, friends, family and take on board comments and criticism. In the words of Nicole Yershon, “The beauty of Digital is that you are able to change copy easily!”  If writing isn’t your strong point, invest in a content writer! 


Treat each platform differently. A common misconception is that you can copy content across all social media platforms and it’ll have the same impact. No! Each message needs to be different for each platform. Ask yourself who is your target audience and why should they listen to you? Who is using that platform and which audience are you targeting? Once you’ve established that, share engaging opinion-led content that gives an insight into you/your product and hooks in your audience. 


Widen the frame with curiosity, creativity and inspiration. Your choices are you can either drum out the same message, the same beat to the same audience, in the same tone. Or! You can grab that electric guitar and rock out an attention grabbing message that crosses the boundaries of the space you’re sitting in.


Authenticity is key. In all corners of life authenticity is key but in marketing especially so. You’ll soon unravel if you’re constantly trying to impress rather than impact. A great phrase from Torie Chilcott from Paddle Consulting is to be FUBI – funny, useful, beautiful and inspiring!


And lastly! Some key tips from our experts on managing your approach towards Social Media.


Time management. How easy is it to browse and browse. Clubhouse in particular is proving addictive for some. Hands up who has spent a few hours absorbed by its chat rooms and the constant urge to keep scrolling in pursuit of the topic “that’s there but I just haven’t found yet”!

Be strict with your time and allocate a set amount for social.


Find your tribe. Look around and stumble across people, markets, styles that shout ‘that’s me’. There’ll be a hook, a common ground, a tone of voice that jumps out at you and you relate to. Follow them, learn from them and be inspired by them. Don’t be afraid to embrace what you wouldn’t usually consider your tribe. Diversity is the key to an enriched life!


Respect and engage on Social. As hard as it can often be, don’t dismiss people on Social. Platforms exist so that people can put their opinions across and it’s not always going to be something you want to hear. Pause, reflect and then reply graciously. Don’t try and change their rhetoric, merely acknowledge it and practise being open-minded. 


A huge thank you to sistrs Katy Howell, CEO immediate Future, Nicole Yershon, Founder & CEO The NY Collective and Clemence de Crosby – Managing Director at Clementine Communications Ltd for your insight into the world of Social!