We’re disrupting mentoring

We all have valuable experience, no matter where we are on our journey and we all need help from time to time, from the trailblazing CEO turned new mum, the employee turned entrepreneur, to the student turned pro. sistr helps us help each other.


We facilitate the Power of an Hour

No matter who you are or where you’re at, you can help or get help from another sistr

Connect online and in-person

We do mentoring the sistr way. Everyone has knowledge to share and we’re making it easy to ask for help, offer help and connect.



Mentoring doesn’t have to be formal. We keep it simple with a chat over coffee, a cocktail, at the office or in the gym. From the big issues to the little tips, it all makes a difference. The sistr community has got your back so get in touch!

Help or be helped. Start here.

What may take a year for one sistr to learn, could take another sistr 10 minutes to teach. There are no such things as stupid questions and our sistrs love to help!

What our sistrs are saying

“I graduated and wanted to break into my industry but it’s pretty daunting. Tess has been in the field for years and was able to help me work out where I fitted in. We went for a drink in The City and had a great chat. So glad I found her!”

Architecture Grad

“My mentoring session with Erika was extremely valuable! She quickly understood the heart of my business and used that to help me plan to drive my business forward in a way that felt positive and attainable.”

Natalie McCandless
Founder, The London Wellbeing Clinic Company

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