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Sistr is where women come to grow their network, create leads and share their strengths. Not everyone has the experience to become who they want, so let’s try together. We can do this!

A leader in your field with wisdom to share? Or trying to become that leader? Been there, done it, smashed that ceiling and want to share your experiences? Welcome to Sistr. 

Whether you're trying to raise capital, change career, create a business or trying to do all of the above combined with parenthood, you are not alone. Sistr provides you with the support to offer and ask for help. It's a platform for inspiration,  friendship and reaching your professional goals.

A network of support for all

Discover aspiring and inspiring women just like you

Whatever your business goals, Sistr can help you to:

  • Find co-founders
  • Find mentors
  • Hire employees
  • Explore career changes
  • Find investment
  • Generate leads
  • Get inspired
  • and much more

Meet all your goals

Share your strengths and experiences with other Sistrs and help them power ahead!

You don't necessarily need to be a CEO but you feel like you have reached heights, achieved goals and are happy to have your brains picked.  

Help women at the start of their journey

Here to help

Get help from women who have walked your path

Find a Sistr in your chosen area or an area you’d like to explore and draw on their experiences. There are no stupid questions.

You could be at any position in life wanting a little help from your Sistrs. Inspire each other through a community where Sistrs have each other’s backs. Behind one great woman is a whole network of others! 

I need help

Q&A with experts in Discuss

Ask any burning questions to the Sistr community to get feedback and input

Discover great meetups and events

Explore our curated list of exciting meetups and events in your area

Access a huge knowledge base

Get access to a library of valuable, curated content to help you on your journey

So much more than networking


Apply for mentoring from our pool of experienced professionals, who provide at least 1 hour a month of free mentoring


Book an exclusive consultation with a Big Sistr to get hands-on dedicated support for whatever your business needs are

Advisory Board

Harness the power of a seasoned professional by adding them to your advisory board to help your business grow

Introducing Big Sistrs

Our verified and approved Big Sistrs are pillars of the Sistr community who offer help and guidance through mentoring,  consultancy and advice.

Coming soon

Testimonials from our mentorship programme

"My meeting with Jane was productive and rewarding and only took an hour out of my schedule. It's great to connect with talented and enthusiastic individuals to share my knowledge and experience. There's an amazing community of fellow Big Sistrs to discover too"

Merissa St.Claire

Big Sistr (1hr chat with Jane)

"Merissa was a marketing genius. Rarely have I seen someone who could listen to another person's business idea and generate marketing ideas and plans that make sense and work! And all in one hour! She thinks fast, works fast and is right on point in her assessment and solutions!"

Jane Sanderson

Sistr (1hr chat with Merissa)

Grow your network

Connect with thousands of fellow Sistrs and expand your circle.

Create Leads

Approach or be approached by fellow Sistrs and let the sharing of wisdom begin

Give Back

Share your knowledge at a time that suits you and your fellow Sistr and let the creative juices to flow.

Life as a Sistr

Emma Sayle talks frankly to some of the fiercest trailblazers in the game from all walks of life. Finding out their highs, their lows and what fuels the fire in their bellies that's got them to where they are today. 

Listen to the Sistr Podcast with Emma Sayle

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