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About sistr

“sistr is a fantastic resource for women to connect and support each other. I’m a firm believer in the power of us all working together and no other platform creates a space for women to empower one another the way that sistr does. I built my business by getting out there and meeting people I could learn from, who were willing to help me. I’m delighted to be able to help other women do the same in a truly industry progressing way, and this is just the beginning!”

Emma Sayle, Co-Founder of sistr and the KK Group

The sistr Difference


We’re on a mission to re-imagine the world of networking by giving women access to a community of inspiring and supportive peers, mentors and friends. No matter your industry, profession, age, social status or education, you are a sistr.

Women are different. We think differently, feel differently and approach things differently and current social & business networks aren’t set up for that. They support a world that was built for men and can be an intimidating place to ask a question. That’s why we built sistr, a place for women to nurture, collaborate and inspire each other.

We believe women are stronger when we come together and that’s why we’re revolutionising the idea of traditional networking by giving people who identify as women a chance to connect with each other in a way that feels natural rather than transactional.

The sistr Podcast

sistr Founder Emma Sayle talks to our fantastic sistrs about their highs, lows and what fuels the fire in their bellies to get them where they are today.

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