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Sistr gives you the platform to do business in the modern world. We’re ripping up the professional profile format, packing each day with inspiration and raising each other up by sharing the achievements of our amazing Sistrs smashing it across the world!

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Inspiring content…motivational blogs…the freshest news, inspirational podcasts and sassy interviews, all delivered from out top Sistrs who are bossing it at what they do.straight to the newsfeed you’ve ever used.



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Socials…talks…workshops…book clubs…brunches…explore our full calendar of events. Our aim is to provide something for everyone…exploring & expanding knowledge tailored for you…try them all!

It’s All about Tribes


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Be in control of your groups, members and events.

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You can chat with your fellow Sistrs, share events, post questions, ask for advice, upvote answers and help each other out.

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Unlike other platforms, Sistr will contextualise your questions and connect you to a group that can help, making it quicker and easier to get the information you need from one place.

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