Dianne Griffin

Sistr Q&A – Diane Griffin, Property.

Sistr talks Bricks and Mortar with Diane Griffin, Operating Principal Keller Williams UK and CEO of Griffin Properties.  A slightly different direction…


Bounce Forward Not Back – Impact of COVID-19 on Recruitment

Rebecca Foden, Head of Talent Acquisition for Transport for London delved into the impact Covid-19 is having on the recruitment and talent acquisition industry. Her…

Nakita Ross

Nakita Ross Sistr Q&A – Firefighter

Sistr had the honour of being given access to a frontline hero, Nakita Ross. Nakita is a member of the Fire Brigade in…

Dani Wallace

Dani Wallace – sistr Q&A

Sistr had the absolute honour of being joined by Dani Wallace, an international speaker, motivational coach and professional singer. Dani is one incredible…

Erika Brodnock

Erika Brodnock – sistr Q&A

Erika Brodnock is the creator of digital resources covering emotional and social learning, digital safety, and digital parenting. She is also Sky News’…

Wies Bratby

Wies Bratby – Sistr Q&A

We recently caught up with the ultimate powerhouse Wies Bratby – known as the ultimate negotiator…with everyone except her own kids…! Wies is…


Sistr Q&A with Lily – Freelancer

We spoke to our lovely…


Sistr Q&A with Naomi Schiff

We are so excited about…


Sistr Q&A with Pam Sharpe

Who are you? I…


Sistr Q&A with Chloe Madeley

We talked to fabulous 


Annual Leave

By Vanessa Molton, Mindflex Group Having just returned from a two-week holiday, (although with the kids in tow for two weeks, I think I need a…


Instagrammer of the Month: Sara Shakeel

Artist Sara Shakeel, 28, is encouraging others to embrace their stretch marks by covering them with glitter and stars. Sara has gained 907,000 followers on Instagram…


Big Sistr Q&A with Sarah Porter

From fitness trainer to CEO of a global network in emerging technology we sat down with Sarah Porter to ask her our 10 burning questions….


Sistr Q&A with Emma Roberts

This week we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Emma Roberts, founder of sustainable fashion brand Bird + Wolf. We ask her what keeps…


What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

We asked our Big Sistrs, if they had a magic time machine and could go back in time, what advice they’d give their 20-year-old selves. “Trust…


Sistr Q&A with Laura Elliott

In today’s Sistr Q&A we’re talking to the amazing Laura Elliott and how she went from an office job to DJ. Paragraph on who you are…


Sistr Q&A with Emma Sexton

For this Sistr Q&A we catch up with Emma Sexton, complete badass and shero. She tells us her best and worst advice, as well a…


Ditch the Labels

Our founder, Emma Sayle looks at why women have to be defined and labelled. I’m not a big fan of labels, so often we — society…


Shero — Stephanie Alys

Emma Sayle has this month chosen Veuve Clicquot award winner, and Mystery Vibe co-founder and CEO Stephanie Alys. Here with this q&a, we find…


Shero — Poorna Bell

We revel in the glorious sunshine of success from our many Sheroes of the world; be that in the form of women who have feminism…


Sistr Q&A with Kirstie Sherriff

In today’s blog we’re speaking to badass entrepreneur Kirstie Sherriff on how she’s got to where she is today. We also wanted to take this time…


Sistr Q&A with Elizabeth Cowper

Next up in the Big Sistr series, we’re chatting to Elizabeth Cowper. We cover everything from the best and worst advice she’s ever received to…


The Power of an Hour

You’ll be amazed how much you can gain from one hour of face to face conversation. Sistr was created to help aspiring business owners, like yourself,…


Sistr Q&A with Helen Skelton

For our first post in the Big Sistr series, we caught up with broadcaster and ultimate shero Helen Skelton. We spoke about her daily…