What The Heck Is Functional Medicine & Why Should You Care?

You often feel tired, moody. You struggle to lose that stubborn 5 kgs from having been stuck at home during the last pandemic. You even think that you stopped having the ability to lose weight all together! You have aches and pains here and there. You suffer from brain fog. You name it.

You accept this as the new normal! You are getting older. You work too much.

You take pills to get those recurring headaches away, supplements to get more energy, drugs to regulate your blood pressure, hormones, blood sugar…

You do not question anything. You trust the healthcare system. You believe life will slow down for you. You keep going.

What about asking why?

 Why do you lack energy?
 Why do you start having joint pains?
 Why do you have high blood pressure?
 Is it normal to have recurring headaches?
 What are you doing to feel the way you feel today?
 What are you not doing to feel better?

Start asking why! Keep asking why!

This is what functional medicine does.

What the heck is Functional Medicine & why should you care?

You are used to going to the GP when you don’t feel well.

You have a broken leg which will be fixed. You are tired and might get some multivitamins or other supplements. You have thyroid issues, you will get some drugs to help your body regulate. Conventional medicine treats your symptoms.

Functional medicine goes a level deeper. Functional medicine wants to understand the root causes of your symptoms, why your body is not functioning as it should and wil focus on restoring the way it should be!

You are meant to be full of energy to thrive and live your best life!

If you look at a tree, imagine YOU are the tree!

The branches & leaves are the product of the nourishment of the soil.

Did the soil get enough rain, sun, fertilizer? What was going on during the different seasons? Were there lots of storms and not enough sun?

Conventional medicine will aim to fix the branches and the leaves. Give you solutions to make the leaves greener (drugs), fix the branches with a bandage…etc.

 While functional medicine will partner with you to look closer at your soil!

You Are You Because Of YOU!

You have your own genetics, you have your own story.

You have your own lifestyle and environment that you live in.

As a functional medicine health coach, I will look closely at you at your tree, the roots, the soil to grow greener leaves, new leaves, stronger branches. We will co-create a plan to nourish yourself to flourish!

 Creating your health is a journey, not a destination. You just need to know that you are moving in the right direction.

Approaching your health with a strict diet and cruel hours at the gym is NOT the way…

 For a very long time, I approached my health by addressing only my nutrition & putting up with cruel hours at the gym! Did I notice a change in my fatigue, mood, and brain fog? Health & wellbeing do not depend only on what you eat & how much you exercise.

Your wellbeing is a mixture of modifiable lifestyle factors

  • Nutrition

  • Rest & Relaxation

  • Movement & Exercises

  • Stress management & resilience.

With Functional Medicine coaching, we address the areas you want to work on and find simple solutions that fit you, what you like, what resonates with you, and what can fit into your life to make them long-lasting & sustainable.

We teach you lifelong strategies & tips to live your best vibrant life.

You have the keys to your health! You have the power to heal!

 Dealing with your chronic symptoms like fatigue, bloating, insomnia, joint pains, headaches, mood swings, thinking it will pass, or medications will help, will not solve your problem in the long term.

What you are doing is just suppressing the symptoms.

 You create pressure within you. Like in a pressure cooker, you will have an explosive mess on your hands if you take the lid off when it is at full pressure!
As my mentor, Sachin Patel says: “You are the doctor of the future!”

You have wisdom in you and know if something is wrong with you or not; what is good for you and what is not. If you are not satisfied with the answers you get from your conventional doctor on your symptoms next time, if you sense that something is not right with you: keep asking why!? Address the causes of your symptoms! Work on your soil. Nourish your mind & body with the functional medicine principles to flourish!

You have the keys to your health. You have the power to heal!


Big thanks to Bene for this brilliant blog. If you want to get in touch with Bene you can find her on Sistr and at Facebook, Instagram, and visit her website for more info.