Sistr Q&A with Chloe Madeley

We talked to fabulous Chloe Madeley ahead of our re-invention panel in January. Chloe is a huge face in the fitness industry and she tells us how and why she re-invented her body, mind and life.

Chloe is on the panel for our re-invention event on the 23rd January. Grab your tickets here.

Who are you?
Chloe Madeley, Qualified Gym Instructor, PersonalTrainer, Nutritionist, Fitness Model. Author of Transform Your Body With Weights and podcaster, THE BODCAST

What did you re-invent?
My body, my mind and my life.

What triggered the change?
Crippling anxiety and panic attacks eventually met with the ability to be present, Via training (specifically weight lifting).

How did you go about it?
I implemented a weekly, structured training plan. 4 days a week, with a performance-specific nutrition plan.

What did you learn from it?
How to push myself, how to believe in myself, how hard work gets you results.

Would you do anything differently looking back?
Not a thing.

What would you say to someone in the same situation as you?
Find something that forces you to be present, and that provides an outcome. This can be training, cooking, painting…