Ep. 7 Losing Grace – Athena Mandis & Liz Farahadi

In this episode, we talk to two of the women behind Losing Grace. A short film highlighting the impact of domestic abuse.https://greenlit.fund/project/losing-graceThe StoryLosing Grace is a gripping short film thriller that keeps audiences guessing and leaves them with their hearts in their throats. Grace is forced to flee with her mother Louise, from her abusive father, John, only to be tracked down with dire consequences.Louise

has suffered years of psychological abuse at the hands of John. But getting help has proven difficult. Feeling her own sanity fraying, and failing to convince anyone that her charming and respectable husband is the culprit, she is left with no alternative but to run where he can’t find her or their daughter Grace. Desperate to protect Grace she forces her to abandon her life and go on the run. With no access to money and support, Louise is desperate. But Grace is saddled with a fragile mother for whom she feels responsible, even when she can’t see the reasons for her decisions. Grace longs to be normal and hang out with friends, but her mother’s unstable state takes its toll.

This is a short film, 12 minutes, and like all great short films, subtlety is key. Louise’s emotions are heightened and what is true and what is not, teeters on the edge. We want to bring this world of fear to the audiences, to put them inside the grey area of reality – how things may appear and how things may feel when one is inside them. How do we know when someone is ever telling us the truth?A bit about SistrSistr’s, a dedicated platform for women to connect, share and learn. On Sistr, professionals gain access to a network of qualified female experts covering a whole range of industries and skills, to help them grow their business.

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