Ep. 9 Hannah Shergold – The Art of Doing You

In this episode, we talk to the wonderful Hannah Shergold about her journey from Helicopter pilot to an artist. Hannah Shergold is an exciting and gifted painter and sculptor.

In June 2018, having left her role as an Army helicopter pilot only three months earlier, she hosted her first solo exhibition on Pall Mall in the heart of London’s art district.

Simultaneously she was selected to be the Invictus Games artist for Team UK and raised over £50,000 through the auction of 6 paintings. She also won the only Wild Card position for the 2019 Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year and featured in episode 2 where she painted Ashley Walters. A bit about SistrSistr’s, a dedicated platform for women to connect, share and learn. On Sistr, professionals gain access to a network of qualified female experts covering a whole range of industries and skills, to help them grow their business.

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