Ep. 5 Fab Little Podcast – Martha Silcott

For Episode 5 we’re talking periods and breaking taboos with Fab Little Bag’s founder, Martha Scott. A bit about Fab Little BagSeal away tampons and pads with their biodegradable sanitary disposal bags – they​ even open one-handed. Never be caught out again with a blocked loo​ or no bin. Their mission:Stop ocean pollution caused by flushed sanitary itemsTurn awkward disposal into a fab experience, andBreak down the taboo around periods while we’re at it!A bit about SistrSistr’s, a dedicated platform for women to connect, share and learn.

On Sistr, professionals gain access to a network of qualified female experts covering a whole range of industries and skills, to help them grow their business.Sistrs can chat with other Sistrs via the platform on a variety of business topics, find out about and attend a carefully curated events schedule and choose to work together beyond the platform, hand-picking from a network of Sistrs to create their own advisory board and build out a team of elite female professionals to move their business forward. Qualified in their respective fields with proven evidence-based experience, Sistrs can chat, participate in forum discussions or commit to mentoring for just one hour per month which they do so with no expectations in return.

However, they’re aware that their consultancy can lead to forming beneficial relationships beyond the initial hour. Creating real opportunities Sistr to Sistr.